Alter Stud Farm

A l t e r S t u d F a r m


The Alter Stud Farm is located in Tapada do Arneiro, a fully walled property with an approximate area of ​​800ha, possessing a remarkable natural heritage of great landscape value.

Founded in 1748 by King D. João V with the purpose of breeding horses to serve the court, the Alter Stud Farm reaches the present day with a vast herd of incalculable value, with the purpose of preserving and improving the genetic heritage of the lusitana breed and the preparation of horses to integrate the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art.

The Alter Stud Farm has a herd composed of approximately 60 mares that are the basis of equine production, and a wide range of stallions, all of them with recognized skills, especially in terms of teaching and classical portuguese riding. In addition to the Lusitano horse of the Alter Real lineage, the Alter Stud Farm also preserves the National Stud Farm’s line of the Lusitano, the purebred Arabian and the Sorraia.

In the Stud Farm there are all the infrastructures related to the horse and its production, from birth to competition, highlighting:

  • Neonatology and reproduction unit
  • Clinical unit
  • Molecular Genetics Laboratory
  • Breeding of foals in the field
  • Roughing, Selection and Testing Unit

Our experiences

The Stud Farm has a visitation program that approaches the historical component, from its foundation, until the nowadays, with a strong interaction with the day-to-day life of a stud farm.

Tour itinerary, which takes place daily, from Tuesday to Sunday, at 10:30 am and 3:00 pm:

  • High Houses – on the ground floor, a virtual herd and a small shop where you can buy some souvenirs from the Alter Stud Farm. On the 1st floor there is an Interpretation Center with a chronological line with the main events that marked the history of the Alter Stud Farm and the country.

  • Courtyard of the Mares – the AR mare spends the night in the field and on weekdays enters the stable around 10:30 am, so that the animals can be fed, monitored and reproductive control work carried out. The famous Mares Drop to the field takes place between 3:30 pm and 4:00 pm.

  • House of Trains – place for the exhibition of part of the collection of horse carriages from the Alter Stud Farm.

  • Courtyard of D. João VI – stable where the horses and breeding stallions of the Alter Stud Farm can be visited.

  • Falconry (under the auspices of the Vila Galé group) – here you can visit the bird collection and also the Falconry Museum. The visitor also has available a series of equestrian activities to choose from.

The visit to the Stud Farm is available for all ages, from Tuesday to Sunday, at 10:30 am and 3:00 pm, with an approximate duration of 2h30. It is accompanied by a tour guide and can be done in portuguese and english.
In the case of equestrian tourism:

Short term experience. A first contact with the horse. The horse is controlled. Minimum age – 4 years.

It already allows you to feel the progress of the horse, to perceive the dynamics of balance and movement.
The first step for participants who want to learn how to ride a horse. The horse is controlled by the monitor.
Minimum age – 6 years.

For practitioners who already have balance and some independence on horseback. The level of the lesson
varies with the experience of the rider who has full control of the horse. Minimum age – 6 years.

For practitioners who want to experience horseback riding outdoors. The path circulates
within the Stud Farm’s area. Only available for experienced riders over 10 years old and limited
to 3 practitioners.

Ride in a horse carriage, for inexperienced participants who want to enjoy an outdoor experience. The path circulates within the Stud Farm’s area. Available for groups between 2 and 6 passengers, of any age.