Herdade do Pessegueiro

H e r d a d e d o P e s s e g u e i r o


From the passion for Lusitano horses, the Herdade do Pessegueiro equestrian tourism project was born for over 20 years, where the beauty of the landscapes, the gastronomy and the pleasure of riding Lusitanos on the Alentejo coast between beaches and valleys make this place a paradise to visit. The Herdade do Pessegueiro is located in the middle of the natural park of the Alentejo’s southwest and the Vicentina coast, a few meters from the beach on the island of pessegueiro and 7 minutes south of Porto Covo, offering various equestrian activities as well as 3 outdoor riding arenas, boxes and stalls, paddocks for grazing and five rustic houses for local accommodation.

Our experiences

Ride along the coast and beach (outside the bathing season), for people with or without riding experience

Children are mounted on a horse that is led by the monitor.

Activity where you learn how to handle horses followed by a 1-hour ride

Children learn how to handle horses and go on a 15-minute ride

There are 5-day and 3-day tours for people with experience (conditions and program, on request, on the website)

Hour Trail
1 hour duration
value of 40 euros per person,
people with or without experience,
over 12 years old, weighing up to 95 kg.

Baptism for Children
Duration 40 minutes,
over 6 years old,
€30 per child.

Children’s Ride
Duration 15 minutes,
children between 3 and 12 years old,
value 15 euros per child.

For all activities:
comfortable clothing, pants or leggings,
and closed shoes.
All activities need
prior appointment.

Horse Baptism
Duration 90 to 120 minutes,
value of 70 euros per person,
over 12 years and minimum 2 people.