Sundance Ranch

S u n d a n c e R a n c h


Learn a whole new way of being with horses, both on the ground and in the saddle, building a relationship based on harmony and trust through our one-week courses. We teach beginners, but we also welcome experienced riders who are looking for a new way of being with horses.

Our philosophy is based on the idea that riding a horse should be enjoyable for both humans and horses. We strive to be with the horses using the principles of “Natural Horsemanship”, with special emphasis on Elsa Sinclair’s “Freedom Based Training®”. When horses are free to decide whether they want to be with us or not, we have to work hard to create a connection between us and the horse.

Our courses

The courses last for five days. The schedule for each course is adapted to the needs of our participants, but the basic elements are always the same: work on the natural riding ground, lessons in the riding arena and walks in nature.

The courses last for five days. With a six-night stay and all meals included, the cost for the course is €980. We speak portuguese, english and german. The maximum number of participants is five and there is no minimum age. It is not necessary to have riding experience.